This test helps determine if you suffer from panic disorder.

*This test is not a professional diagnosis. Please note other factors may be at work. For a professional diagnosis, see a psychologist or licensed therapist. This test is intended for adults.

If you feel your life is being restricted by panic disorder, you should look for a structured, solution-oriented cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) program designed specifically for panic disorder and a therapist who is experienced with (and understands how to treat) panic, anxiety, and related panic attacks.

The Anxiety Network is currently developing a CBT program specifically for overcoming panic and anxiety. The therapy program will be available in 2019.

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Check every symptom you have experienced during the last week.

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Which statement most accurately describes how you feel?

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Did you avoid any places or situations in the past week because you feared having a panic attack?

(Examples: shopping malls, tunnels, bridges, crowds, being alone, etc.)

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Did you change your routine in the past week to avoid physical sensations that might trigger a panic attack?

(Examples: physical exercise, yoga, sexual activities, drinking hot drinks, watching scary TV shows or movies, etc.)

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In the past week, how much did your symptoms, plus your fear of having a panic attack, interfere with your ability to carry out your regular responsibilities?

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In the past week, how much did panic attacks, worry about attacks, and fear of situations interfere with your social life?

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